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Member: Paul Heydenrych 
Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work:
Painting exterior of my 6,000sf Lake Oswego home. Sanding and staining the soffit on my back porch. 
Comments: Muir Painting exceeded my expectations and delivered a positive, easy, stress-free experience. The price was within just a few hundred dollars of other quotes I had. I approached this painting project with a sense of dread, expecting some of the delays, excuses, and aggravation that other contractors deliver. None of the materialized. With only a short window of weather opportunity available, Owner Dan Muir sent out two crews, (8 men, I think), and they began arriving a half hour ahead of schedule at 6:30 AM. All were cordial and professional. and they worked with speed and efficiency like a well-oiled machine. There were no unexplained absences or goofing around. On Day 1, they worked from 7:00AM to 4:00PM and took 30 minutes for lunch. Taping and painting was completed in a single day with a high degree of competence and efficiency. On Day2, they painted the trim in half a day. There was no drama whatsoever. They took care to cover and move my patio furniture and BBQ. They did no damage to my landscaping and cleaned up after themselves. The one detail they could have paid more attention to was re-caulking around the windows, which Dan immediately addressed when it was brought to his attention. It’s such a treat to encounter this level of proficiency. As a customer, I find it far preferable to have eight painters working for a day and a half than to have two painters here all week. I love that approach and am happy with the results. I almost didn’t hire Muir Painting but I’m very glad now that I did. Dan Muir is a well-organized and responsive and he delivers!

Overall = A
Price = A
Quality = A
Responsiveness = A
Punctuality = A
Professionalism = A

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Member: Andrew Waterman 
Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work: 
Pressure washed and painted entire exterior of 3200 sq. ft. house, garage, and pump house. The job included multiple trim colors. Painted great room, mud room, kitchen, bath and hallway, including doors and some trim. Member Comments: The whole experience was extremely positive, from beginning to end. We called Dan Muir for an estimate, after seeing Muir Painting signs around our area. Dan responded promptly and was able to meet with us and give an estimate right away. We decided to get 2 additional estimates, which took some time. Dan called several times and was always available to answer our questions. Once awarded the job, work was begun within a week. Everyone on the 4-man team was punctual, professional and courteous. I was impressed with the level of respect given to my home by everyone on the team. The whole job was completed within 3 days, which was way beyond my expectations. At one point there was a miscommunication about trim/door painting on the interior. The issue was resolved to our complete satisfaction without any drama or additional expense to us. I would definitely use Muir Painting again, and have no hesitation in recommending the company to others.


Member: Myron Martwick
Approximate Cost:  $5,145.00
Description Of Work: 
Muir Painting painted the entire exterior of our house using 4 colors for $5145. The house is 3300 square feet on two levels. The job started by completely pressure washing the exterior. There is a considerable amount of overhang and exposed beams. The overhang and exterior beams required a stain blocking undercoat. Three different colors applied to the overhang decking, the beams and the fascia board. The beams and fascia had to be hand painted with two coats. The house siding was painted and two coats were put on the south side of the house and south end of the garage. Dan Muir along with 4 other men in his crew worked and completed the job ahead of schedule. In addition they had painted the entryway and living room on the inside of our house in April for $1100. There are just a couple of places on the exterior that need touch up and Dan will be sending one of his crew by to finish.
Overall I am pleased with the quality of the work. The pricing was fair considering the size of the jobs. The crews showed up on schedule and worked steadily. I would hire Muir Painting in the future should I need more painting done.


Member:  Bruce McDonald
Approximate Cost:  $3,150.00
Description Of Work: 
Muir Painting pressure-washed the exterior of my home and painted it. Three colors were involved, and the breaks between colors are sharp and straight. Paint was applied evenly, with no bare spots or runs from over-spray. Windows, roofing, and non-painted surfaces were well-protected. Shrubbery, lawn, and fencing were well-protected. The entire house was prepped in one day and painted on another.
First off, I’m extremely picky when it comes to others working on my house. (I would have painted it myself except that I’m getting too old for second-story work.) I have a lot of experience with painting, having worked my way through college in the trade and then spent 17 years as a property claims adjuster. I’ve worked with good contractors, and I’ve seen the damage caused by amateurs. Dan Muir is as professional as they come. He was easy to reach, he followed through with his commitments/appointments, and he was willing to invest the time to discuss all phases of the job with me. He complied with my requests, which included a 48-hour drying period between pressure washing and painting and the use of a specific brand and grade of paint. The work was done when he promised and with no interruption to my household. In fact, I never even had a chance to meet Dan face-to-face; that’s how fast he works. One small scrap of masking paper, a piece of masking tape, and a short length of rope were the only signs his crew had even been at my house … apart from a great paint job, of course. When I arrived home, I checked over the paint coverage and application with a fine-tooth comb and found nothing whatsoever unsatisfactory. The price was right in line with what I’d estimated it to be before the start of the project, and Dan’s was the lowest of three bids I obtained. Muir Painting has earned my respect and endorsement.


Member: Susan Sammons
Approximate Cost:  $5,000.00
Description Of Work: 
Exterior painting of 2-story house using three colors. We wanted to retain the color scheme, but had no leftover paint to use as a guide. Muir Painting did a great job of matching the colors for us.
Excellent paint job at a competitive price. The house looks like new again. The work was done in a professional and timely manner. From start to finish it took Dan Muir and his crew just two days to complete. This was the most painless exterior paint job we have ever experienced. Would use this company again.


Member: Dale G
Approximate Cost: $3,000.00
Description Of Work: 
They did an excellent job. I have painted and know what to look for, and they didn’t miss a thing, or overspray the wrong area. They were on time and on budget.

One worker broke a window with a ladder, hey stuff happens. They immediately lowered the final payment by an agreed amount. When the estimate came in the next day for more, he came by that afternoon with a check to cover the difference.

Very professional, and all the workers spoke english. This made it much easier to answer questions and direct what I wanted done.
Comments: Excellent.


Member: Portland Sand & Gravel
Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work: 
Painted the exterior of our home in only one day.
Muir Painting painted my parents home last month and they came so highly recommended we decided to get a bid from them as well. They were not only the best price but the work they did was wonderful. Both my house and my parent’s house look great. The crew got the job done in just one day, they were very friendly and easy to work with and they did a great job cleaning up the job afterward. I will definitely be referring their business to people and using them again in the future!


Member:  Lynne Murphy
Approximate Cost:  $2,800.00
Description Of Work: 
Exterior painting a 2 story house (Hardiplank) which included, pressure washing, masking, sanding the trim, priming the trim, back brushing, caulking and 2 coats of paint on the body & trim and shutters. I had an iron flower box that they had to hand brushed around. There was no “extra” charge for this.
This company is a well-oiled machine! This is obviously a crew of experienced guys that have worked well together for a while. Painting the house could never be less painless than this experience was. They pressure washed the house about a week prior to the job. On the day they painted, I left for work and when I came home they were packing up and the house was finished. I walked the perimeter hoping to catch anything they missed before they left. There was NOTHING; No missed spots, no drips, no overspray, no spills, no accidents, no mess, nothing. The neighbors were amazed and delighted that the neighborhood was back to normal by 5PM. I thought the price was very reasonable and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the work.


Approximate Cost:  $4,100.00
Description Of Work: Muir Painting did exterior painting of our three story home.
Comments: Muir Painting was painting the exterior of our neighbors’ house. We liked the way the painting crew worked. Dan Muir was onsite so we asked for an estimate. We said OK. Within several days the power washer came and cleaned 10 years worth of dirt off the house. The experienced painting crew did the job in two days, cleaning up thoroughly after each day. We were highly pleased with the results. We will use them for interior work in the future.

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