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Dan MuirHello, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Dan Muir, born and raised in Portland Oregon. I went to Centennial High School and have a five year degree from Multnomah University. I began painting in 1973 to work my way through college and continued after graduation. I began on old Portland homes and soon perfected the preparation necessary to produce long lasting, quality paint jobs. I make an effort to be prompt and timely, to insist on quality, and employ people who are well versed in comunicating with customers who may have questions or concerns. I have been quite successful in painting largely due to my overall dedication to good preparation, the use of quality materials and the knowledge of the many dynamics in this particular industry. Good paint jobs do not happen by accident. It takes an organized effort with people that know the business. I hope you will trust me with your home or your commercial property and I promise I will do all I can to make the painting experience a pleasant one. Our license number is 47305 and everyone that works for me is on payroll and fully insured. You can contact me directly at 503 810 6105 or fill out our contact form.
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Thank you Dan!  You get a lot of painting done quickly.   thank you for video.

I really appreciate you putting so many resources on the job.  But most of all I appreciate your personal attention on the job and every detail.  Most others have one or two people on the job, and take months to get that size of job done.

Thank you for taking such good care of everything for me.