Description Of Work: 
Muir Painting pressure-washed the exterior of my home and painted it. Three colors were involved, and the breaks between colors are sharp and straight. Paint was applied evenly, with no bare spots or runs from over-spray. Windows, roofing, and non-painted surfaces were well-protected. Shrubbery, lawn, and fencing were well-protected. The entire house was prepped in one day and painted on another.
First off, I’m extremely picky when it comes to others working on my house. (I would have painted it myself except that I’m getting too old for second-story work.) I have a lot of experience with painting, having worked my way through college in the trade and then spent 17 years as a property claims adjuster. I’ve worked with good contractors, and I’ve seen the damage caused by amateurs. Dan Muir is as professional as they come. He was easy to reach, he followed through with his commitments/appointments, and he was willing to invest the time to discuss all phases of the job with me. He complied with my requests, which included a 48-hour drying period between pressure washing and painting and the use of a specific brand and grade of paint. The work was done when he promised and with no interruption to my household. In fact, I never even had a chance to meet Dan face-to-face; that’s how fast he works. One small scrap of masking paper, a piece of masking tape, and a short length of rope were the only signs his crew had even been at my house … apart from a great paint job, of course. When I arrived home, I checked over the paint coverage and application with a fine-tooth comb and found nothing whatsoever unsatisfactory. The price was right in line with what I’d estimated it to be before the start of the project, and Dan’s was the lowest of three bids I obtained. Muir Painting has earned my respect and endorsement.