Description Of Work: 
Exterior painting a 2 story house (Hardiplank) which included, pressure washing, masking, sanding the trim, priming the trim, back brushing, caulking and 2 coats of paint on the body & trim and shutters. I had an iron flower box that they had to hand brushed around. There was no “extra” charge for this.
This company is a well-oiled machine! This is obviously a crew of experienced guys that have worked well together for a while. Painting the house could never be less painless than this experience was. They pressure washed the house about a week prior to the job. On the day they painted, I left for work and when I came home they were packing up and the house was finished. I walked the perimeter hoping to catch anything they missed before they left. There was NOTHING; No missed spots, no drips, no overspray, no spills, no accidents, no mess, nothing. The neighbors were amazed and delighted that the neighborhood was back to normal by 5PM. I thought the price was very reasonable and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the work.